North Cobb~Harrison NJROTC

   A Distinguished Unit w/Academic Honors 15 Yrs Running & 2016-17 Area-12's "Best All-Around" Unit

Brain Brawl Team 1 Finishes First Place 

 at Eagles Landing Competition

The North Cobb~Harrison Brain Brawl Team picked wasted no time picking right back up from where they left off last year. The team traveled to Eagles Landing High School in Henry County where they placed 1st Overall at A12’s Opener Brain Brawl competition at Eagles Landing High School this weekend. The team dominated all three competition rounds ending with a 45-point lead victory in the final round automatically qualifying them for the A12 Championship. Congratulations!!!


Upcoming Events & News

A Day w/Santa Parade Signup - On this Saturday, 3 December 2022, North Cobb will participate in this years Santa Parade in Downtown Kennesaw. Cadets will muster at the Ben Robertson Community Center at 2753 Watts Drive NLT 1300. Uniform will be NSU uniform with Relax fit Jackets pending weather. Please sign up here for those that would like to participate. We're hoping for max attendance. 

CSE in Downtown Kennesaw A Day w/Santa Signup - On this Saturday, 3 December 2022, North Cobb will help Kennesaw Parks and Recreation breakdown booths and other items from the days events from 1830(6:30pm) to 2100(9pm). Cadets will muster at the Kennesaw City Hall Building at 1800. Uniform will be unit t-shirt/ sweatshirt and Khaki trousers. We need a total of 10. Please sign up for here those that would like to participate.  


Plan of the Week

For the POW for the week of  September 4 click (updated here 11/14/2022 For a list of events on the Master Schedule for NJROTC dated (11/28/2022) click hereFor Daily Practice Schedule for the different Teams, click here.  


Sprayberry Drill Meet

Congratulations to the Drill Team for placing fourth overall at the Sprayberry meet, qualifying them  to advance to the Area 12 Drill Championship in March! The team has been working tirelessly to qualify for the past few months and we are thrilled to see them continue the season! They placed 4th overall academics, 3rd overall athletics, 3rd in armed exhibition, 2nd in unarmed basic, 2nd in armed basic, and 1st in unarmed exhibition, placing them as 4th overall! Congratulations again!! Go Navy!

2022 Annual Military Inspection

On Friday, October 13th 2022, the North Cobb-Harrison NJROTC Unit held our AMI (Annual Military Inspection)! The cadets joined together to present to the Area 12 Manager, CDR Jonathan Shaw, United States Navy, Retired, and overall did outstanding job. The AMI consisted of platoon uniform inspection, ceremony, an Unarmed Exhibition performance and the Pass and Review.  Thank you to all of those who participated in the Annual Military Inspection this year!

Feed The Hungry 

The JROTC Unit helped support Keystone Baptist Church’s 4th Annual Feed the Hungry (FTH) event on Saturday Oct 22, 2022. The FTH event was an assembly line that turned bulk food into manageable serving sizes. Cadets and Parents of the unit helped package over 50,000 serving sizes of Mac & Cheese that will help feed numerous homeless shelters throughout our local communities. Special thank you to those who took time out of their Saturday to lend a hand in helping those less fortunate. Bravo Zulu!!!!!


Stockbridge Drill Meet

  • Armed Basic
    Armed Basic
  • Unarmed Exhibition
    Unarmed Exhibition
  • color Guard
    color Guard

The Drill team got up bright and early October 8th to travel to Stockbridge High School for their first sanctioned meet of the season. All routines placed top six in their respective categories. Although the team did not qualify for Area 12, they placed 3rd overall and will be competing again at the Sprayberry Drill meet!!!


North Georgia State Fair Superior Plumbing CSE

From September 22 to October 2 cadets volunteered their Fall Break to support the Superior Plumbing family. Cadets worked in 4-hour shifts to bring kind smiles to everyone they encountered at the fair. In total we earned 204 hours of community service from just this CSE alone! We appreciate all the cadets who showed up and represented the unit well!!!


Mountain Madness O-Team Meet

The Orienteering team traveled to Hillgrove at McIntosh Reserve County Park in Whitesburg, GA on September 24th for the annual Mountain Madness Orienteering meet. Cadets Alexis Holmes and William Stewart placed 3rd and 4th in their respective courses. Overall the team placed 3rd overall! Congratulations to the Orienteering meet and we can't wait to see you perform at the Jolly Rogers Orienteering meet!!!


McDonough Fun Drill Meet

  • 3rd overall
    3rd overall
  • Unarmed exhibition
    Unarmed exhibition
  • Curl-ups
  • Unarmed Basic
    Unarmed Basic
  • Color guard
    Color guard
Today, September 19th, the Drill Team traveled down to McDonough High School for the Annual McDonough fun meet! Cadets went all out to start off the drill season with the first event of Armed Basic starting at 0730. The team placed 3rd overall and here's the breakdown! 1st in Armed Basic, 2nd in Unarmed Basic, 2nd in Unarmed Exhibition, 1st in Push-ups, 1st in Rifle Postal, 2nd in Academic Postal, and 1st in 100 Meter Relay! Something tells me that this year should be pretty good. Congrats to the Drill Team on a job well done, and thank you to everyone who keeps supporting our unit!!!

Pizza, Pints, & Pigskins CSE

On Saturday, 10 September 2022, Cadets from the unit took time out of their weekend to support our Superior Plumbing Family. The event is held annually at Logan Farm Park in Acworth. Two shifts worth of  cadets were there from 1200 until the event ended at 2000. As usual, the cadets conducted themselves in an exemplary manner while supporting their local community. Cadet shown from left to right; Jackson Hainer, John McLaughlin, Mitchelle Mwaura, & Mary Macahria. Great Job!!!


Red Top Mountain Fun Meet

Our Orienteering Team refreshed their map orientating skills on September 4th at this past GA Orienteering meet at local Red Top Mountain Iron Hill Trail! Newbies got to pair off with some of our veteran runners, and later in the afternoon some of them decided to run a second course! Two runners finished in the top 2 for white course, three of the groups finished in the top 7 for yellow course, and two runners finished 10th on green course! It was a nice rainy and humid day for running, we can't wait to see you guys knock em' dead at Mountain Madness! Go O-Team!!!


2022 Annual Welcome Aboard Picnic

This past Saturday we had our annual Welcome Aboard Picnic! All of the cadets and their families brought in food & drinks and were given the chance to meet other cadets, get to know their staff, and have a good time! 1st Sergeant and Lieutenant got the chance to meet several parents and interest their cadets in joining our teams! The cadets also played a friendly game of two-hand-touch football! The picnic was overall a great success and we can't wait to have everyone back again next year!

Freshman Orientation

On July 1th - 15th we held our annual New Cadet Orientation! Our staff members gathered together to introduce our new cadets to our NJROTC Unit and are very proud to see all 25 of them excited to join ROTC. We did lots of fun activities like Drill Knockout, Brain Brawl and Rifle shooting! We also held demonstrations and briefs of every department and team such as Rifle, Orienteering, Drill, Academics, Drone, and Athletic Team. Thank you so much to our new NS1's for coming out and getting a taste of our unit! We cant wait to see you back here in person on August 1st!!!


Burnt Hickory's Annual Patriotic Event

On Sunday, July 3rd,  cadets volunteered to represent the respected flag of each branch of the military and post the colors at Burnt Hickory Baptist Church to commemorate service members for the 4th of July! Cadets arrived early a 0800 and were provided a warm welcome with breakfast. Happy 4th of July to all who are serving or have served and thank you for all that you do!


Cadets Successfully Complete 2022 GO.A.T. Camp

Cadets attended the 2022 Georgia Orienteering Advanced Training (G.O.A.T.) Camp from 12-17 June at Hard labor Creek.
While most of you reading this was in the comfort of your air conditioned homes that week, these three brave souls where out in 90 degree plus heat sharpening their orienteering skills. The cadets were put through the test of running multiple grueling challenging courses courses over a 5 day period. The advanced training lead to each of the cadets to move up to at least one competitive orienteering level. Participating cadets from pictured from left to right are William   Stewart, Logan Waddell, and Alexis Holmes who received the most honors.  Congratulations team and good luck moving forward to next years orienteering season.

A New Beginning

On Wednesday, May 4th, the Class of 22' handed off the reins to our new chain of command! Although last year's seniors was outstanding, this year's new staff intends to start off on the right foot and hit the ground running! This staff is determined to make this year one of the best yet! We finished this year out as an Outstanding unit with Academic Honors and several teams placing high in their respective categories. To include, but not limited to, Brain Brawl placing 12th at Nationals and Orienteering placing 7th at Nationals! It has been a wonderful year, thank you to all of our NS4's for their dedication! We got it from here!


Brain Brawl Navy Nationals

Congratulations to the Brain Brawl Team for placing 12th at the national level! Although this doesn't completely reflect the teams overall ability, they still did a wonderful job this season. They had the opportunity to compete aboard the USS Midway, visit Camp Pendleton, and tour different sites around San Diego! Good luck next year on your endeavors in graduating and the next season of brain brawl!


Brain Brawl Recaptures Area 12 Title!

Congratulations to our distinguished Brain Brawl Team for traveling down to Bishop Kenny in Jacksonville, Florida to reclaim the Area 12 Championship title. Through seven grueling rounds they were able to come out on top once again and take home The Big Eagle! We wish the Brain Brawl Team luck on their endeavors to San Diego, California where they will compete at Navy Nationals! Also, congratulations to Team 2 for placing 6th overall at Area 12 as well! Bravo Zulu to the Brain Brawlers!!! Pictured left to right; Landon Roberson, Craig Johnson, Camila Flores, & Abigail Carambot.  

__________________________ _________

Kennesaw's Big Shanty Festival  

On April 9th-10th, 2022, our unit got to be a part of the parade at the Big Shanty Festival in Downtown Acworth! We also got invited to participate in a community service event right after it for our sponsors, Superior Plumbing! Although it was April we were experiencing some extreme weather! It was very cold and windy out and even started sleeting! But we enjoyed ourselves and had a grand time! In cold weather its best if you grab yourself a nice warm cup of hot chocolate like cadet Ruiz did on this day to keep you nice and toasty! Thank you so much for those who showed up for this event!


Cleaning our environment!

On the 31st of march we helped our community by picking up the trash in the woods behind Awtrey Middle School! These woods are very important to the unit because we use them all the time during our P.T. sessions and it was a shame to see all the waste around. We shared some laughs and had a really good time while out there! Thank you to all who participated in helping us clean our environment!


  Orienteering Team Goes to Nationals!

On March 10th-13th of 2022 our O-team went to Nationals in San Jose, California! The terrain was beautiful and challenging at the same time! We shared laughs and had an amazing time! But kicking back wasn't the only thing we were busy doing, we used that time to get into the right mindset and kicked it into high gear! Overall we placed 7th out of 25 schools! We placed 2nd in yellow, 9th in orange and 8th in green! Along with some honorable mentions in the individual placements, cadet Bartley, Karianna placed 6th in green, cadet Waddell, Logan placed 8th in yellow males and cadet Holmes, Alexis placed 2nd in yellow females! Amazing job O-team! This will surely be a trip to remember!!!


Area Twelve Drill Meet

On the 4th-5th of march, our drill team went to the Area 12 Drill Competition. Although it wasn't our best meet we still gave it all that we had and got as far as area 12 which is still very impressive! We had our challenges and we'll have many more to come but bring it on because we're more than ready to overcome them! Keep those spirits high because we're coming back better than before! Oorah, Drill team! Stand tall, lean back!

Rifle Team places 4th & 5th at Area 9 Championship!

Congratulations to our North Cobb team for placing 4th and for our Harrison team placing 5th at the Area 9 Championship! Both teams will move on to sectionals on March 26, 2022 at their respective away matches! Congratulations to Sofia Brisbane, Aiden Burris, and Nicolas Pratz for shooting 100 in prone during the regular season, and Brisbane again for shooting a 100 in kneeling and 292 overall to qualify for state! Congratulations to all rifle team members for this season!!!


Annual Military Ball of 2022! 

On February 19th, we held our Annual Military Ball! Everyone came in looking sharp and stunning with their outfits this night. We ate, shared some laughs, danced and had a good time! This was a big night and definitely a night to remember! Puff Puff, Cha Cha, Ding Dong Ding Dong!

Truly, a night to remember.


Special thanks to our friends over at STRUCTOR GROUP for their great sponsorship and support. We appreciate it.


UNG Tour Field Trip

  On the 14th of January, our unit got to visit the University of North Georgia! On this day our cadets got guided through the campus and were informed on the opportunities that the University had to offer. We also got to talk to recruiters who were there to help answer questions alongside the UNG's ROTC. Thank you for having us UNG we really appreciate the tour!                            


Rifle Team Heads To Area 12

Congratulations to Team 1 for placing 4th overall and Team two for placing 7th overall out of 26 teams! Also congratulations to cadet Brisbane for shooting 6th overall!  In two weeks, team 1 and cadet Carey will travel back to Anniston and WIN the Area 12 championship! Congratulations to both teams for a great season and good luck!


Unit Holocaust Museum Tour

On Tuesday, December 14th, Our Unit was given the privilege to go to The Breman Museum located in Atlanta and learn about the history of the holocaust in more detail. Our Unit was very excited for this event, we even got to listen to guest speakers who's experienced the holocaust in one way or another. Our Guest Speaker spoke of her mother and the hardships she's had to go through growing up in that era. Our students, no doubt, learned something new on this day. Thank you to the Breman Museum for this amazing opportunity!



Community Service: Cadets are reminded that clothing worn to community service events must meet Cobb County School District Dress Code. Cadets are not permitted to wear shorts that are too tight or too short.

ASVAB: Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Test Battery will be given at North Cobb High School on October 30th. If you are interested in taking the test, talk to Commander or 1stSgt.
You may sign up in either ROTC classrooms or the guidance office.
Community Service: Cadets are reminded that clothing worn to community service events must meet Cobb County School District Dress Code. Cadets are not permitted to wear 
shorts that are too short or too tight.
Horseplay and Pranks: This will not be tolerated, please think before you do something that causes damage or injury. As cadets, you will be held accountable for your actions.
Late Passes: Cadets, You must go to your other classes. You must have written permission from your other teacher before you can come to or stay in the ROTC class rooms, So get permisson first. 
SDB Uniform: When in public you must keep the entire uniform on. The jacket may only be removed in ROTC classroom, but if you leave the rotc classroom you must have your jacket on. 
Shirt Stays: Shirt Stays are apart of the NJROTC Unifrom. When in uniform all male cadets must were Shirt Stays. 
School Support and Community Service: We have 1,688 hours of community service, and 1,332 hours of school support. Last year we earned 2,481 hours of community service and 1,792 hours of 
school support. Make sure you have done your part to support the unit in maintaining our Distingushed unit status.
Use of Electronic Devices: All cadets are reminded that cell phones and other electronic devices must be turned off and put away during class. If CDR, IstSGT, or the class leaders see it, 
it will be taken up and returned when class is over. Paragraph 8 of the course syllabus refers.
North Cobb Rifle Team: We are scheduled to take our team photo on 12 November at 1600 in the North Cobb theater.

Push-ups: Cadets are NOT authorized to give push-ups as punishment to other cadets.

School Support and Community Service: We have 649 hours of community service, and 132.5 hours of school support. Last year we earned 2,185 hours of community service and 1,823 hours of school support. Make sure you do your part to support the unit in maintaining our distinguished unit status.

school support. Make sure you have done your part to support the unit in maintaining our Distingushed unit status.

Use of Electronic Devices: All cadets are reminded that cell phones and other electronic devices must be turned off and put away during class. If CDR, 1stSgt, or the class leaders see it, it will be taken and given back when class is over.
it will be taken up and returned when class is over.


Shirt Stays: Shirt Stays are apart of the NJROTC Unifrom. When in uniform all male cadets must wear Shirt Stays. 


CCSD Physical Form: Click here for the latest form. CCSD physical is not required to participate in JROTC, but cadets that do not have a physical on file are ineligible for participation in some events, field trips, team competitions, and some awards.

the specific extracurricular season, and on or off school grounds. Parents/Guardians and/or students must report any arrest of a student or behavior in which law enforcement is involved, to
their high school administration or coach within two weeks (14 calendar days) of the arrest or behavior. The two week time frame inclludes weekends, school holidays and summer vacation.

Student Conduct: Interscholastic/Extracurricular Activities [IDF-R]: Applies in NJROTC, 365 days per year, 24 hours a day, in and out of the specific extracurricular season, and on or off school grounds. Click here for rules.

SAT/ACT Prep Courses:

the specific extracurricular season, and on or off school grounds. 

REQUIRED PAPERWORK: StanRelease, Risk Factor Screening, Cadet Biography, Class Syllabus (Last Page), Signed Copy of Class Rules
are ALL required paperwork to participate in the NJROTC program. We request that each cadet turn in paperwork promptly. Paperwork was due
Friday 19 August. Failure to turn in paperwork will effect your grade. Paperwork is now overdue. Your grade WILL be affected.
REQUIRED PAPERWORK: Standard Release, Risk Factor Screening, Cadet Biography, Class Syllabus (Last Page), Signed Copy of Class RulesREQUIRED PAPERWORK: Standard Release, Risk Factor Screening, Cadet Biography, Class Syllabus (Last Page), Signed Copy of Class Rules are ALL required paperwork to participate in the NJROTC program. We request that each cadet turn in paperwork promptly. Paperwork was due Friday 19 August. Failure to turn in paperwork will effect your grade. Paperwork is now overdue. Your grade WILL be affectedCOBB COUNTY PHYSICAL: CCSD Physicals are REQUIRED for cadets to participate in drill meets and unit field trips. No physical, no field trip.
Friday 19 August. Failure to turn in paperwork will effect your grade. Paperwork is now overdue. Your grade WILL be affected.
Let Freedom Ring Color Guard: Saturday, Sep 10, 2011. NSU. Acworth Beach, 0930.
Color Guard: If your name is listed for a color guard and you are not able to attend please let c/LT (JG) Khan know A.S.A.P.
Football Game: Friday, Sep 9, 2011. NSU. Be at 50 yard line, 1900.
apply for the position, have a typed memo with your name and a method of contact put into the Executive Officer's box.


Cadets that wish to have pictures uploaded to the website please email them to c/ENS Reese, Jordyn at . These pictures may also be used in the end of the year video. 


Senior Naval Science Instructor: Lieutenant Derek Easterling, USN (Ret.)

Telephone: 770-975-6685 ext. 801229
Fax: 770-975-6687

Naval Science Instructor: 1stSgt Michael Dickerson, USMC (Ret.)
Telephone: 770-975-6685 ext. 8011381
Fax: 770-975-6687

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